Secondary Learning Resources

  • This webpage contains links to free enrichment opportunities for students in grades 6-12.

    All Subject Areas

    Khan Academy
    You can learn anything.
    Expert-created content for every course and level. Visit the Khan Academy website for a full menu of Khan courses. We recommend that students review/deepen their skills and knowledge, or study topics of interest to them.

    Browse or Search for a subject, vocabulary, phrases, and content that students can learn by playing games

    Google Applied Skills
    Get essential digital training from researching to writing a resume.

    Mostly for grades K-8. Currently offering free subscription.

    PBS Learning
    There are videos, projects, and lessons available for different subjects.

    English/Language Arts

    Daily Writing

    • Start a journal in which you record your feelings and thoughts daily
    • Write rich descriptive paragraphs based on observations of daily life during this unique time
    • NoRedInk - helps students practice their grammar and writing skills through a variety of interactive activities

    Daily Reading

    Students can maintain their reading skills through many of the activities on this page, as well as reading a novel of their choice.


    NewsELA for Parents:

    NewsELA for Students:

    NY Times Learning Network


    • Play a card game like Rummy to practice critical thinking, patterns, and problem-solving.
    • Dreambox - available for K-8 - students have a district account
    • Sumdog - suggested for K-8, using game-based learning to build math fluency
    • CC Math 6 - McGraw Hill online textbook, contact your math teacher if you don’t have access to the online textbook
    • CC Math 7, CC Math 8, & Geometry - Big Ideas website, free easy access without student account
    • Algebra 1 & Algebra 2 - Pearson Realize website, contact your math teacher if you don’t have access to the online textbook

    Newsela Articles

    History/Social Studies


    Digital Citizenship

    Physical Education

    • For 20 minutes take a walk, go for a run, or ride a bike outside
    • With a family member or by yourself, do body weight movements of 10 reps or 20 seconds of at least 3 of these activities: squats, lunges, push-ups, hold plank position, curl-ups, wall sits, or wall push-ups — stay 6 feet apart
    • 30 Days of Yoga

    World Language


    • Paint what you see outside with watercolors or sketch the scene in a notebook
    • Museums-with-virtual-tours
    • available in Chromebook - drawing tool 
    • KQED Art School - Contemporary art with KQED Art School, featuring artist interviews and how-to videos that reveal new ways to get creative and learn about art

    Culinary Arts

    With parent permission, look at the ingredients you have on hand and make a meal for your family. Balance the colors; make sure you have protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates (starch). Take a picture and write a note about your process. Record your and your family’s thoughts about the meal. What would you change about your recipe in the future?

    Career Technical Education/Experiential Learning

    • Next Vista Career Videos - videos from professionals in various careers
    • Write down as many adjectives as you can describing your dream job. Use this to make an inspirational collage with graphs, photos, drawings, stickers, etc.
    • Build your own resume. Share it with a friend or family member and ask for feedback
    • Make dog toys out of old, unused t-shirts. Materials: Scissors and an old t-shirt or 18-inch square of fabric
      1. Cut fabric square into strips. Put one strip aside to use later. If using an old t-shirt, cut the t-shirt vertically into long strips. Put the sleeves aside to use later.
      2. Braid the strips into a long braid. You can use 2-3 strips of material for each section of the braid to make a thicker toy.
      3. Take the one strip you set aside and cut it into two pieces. You'll use these two smaller strips to tie each end of the braid so it stays braided. If you're using an old t-shirt, cut the sleeves open so they become two short strips.
      4. Tightly tie a small strip around each end of the braid about 2 inches away from the tip. Then ruffle up the tips of the braid so the edges are fringed like a frayed rope.
      5. You're done! Make as many braided toys as you like with your family and friends and deliver the finished product to your local animal shelter.

    Independent Reading

    Read or listen to books online. To log in, middle schools type in your school name and high schools type in Santa Clara USD High Schools. Use your SCUSD Google account.

    Santa Clara City Library provides genre lists to help you choose books.
    This unique resource features: 

    • Book guides & lesson plans
    • Diverse books
    • Literature-based vocabulary lists
    • Meet-the-author videos and book readings
    • Resources for award-winning books

    Other resources