About Us

  • Dolores Huerta Middle School opened in August of 2021 with the 6th grade; a new grade will be added each year as the students progress to the next grade level. Our school was built on the historic site of Agnews Developmental Center and is named after Dolores Huerta, who is an influential activist and labor leader. Our brand new campus includes shared collaboration spaces, outdoor learning spaces, flexible furniture, a design lab, a library/media center, gathering spaces and an outdoor amphitheater.  We will work closely with the elementary school and future high school that share our campus to help support our students throughout their education with Santa Clara Unified.

      School Design Framework

    The design framework of our school is developed with our students at the center of everything we do with a focus on student agency and equity. Student learning will be Flexible, Inclusive, Personalized Competency-Based, Interdiciplinary, Collaboration/Connectivity, Innovative, and be Inquiry-based. We share the Santa Clara Unified School District Graduate Portrait which are Equity Ambassador, Effective Communicator, Future-Ready Learner, Resilient Mind, Healthy Body, Inclusive Empathizer, Collaborative Problem Solver, Critical Thinking Scholar, and Global Citizen.

    School Design Graphic