Division Homepage

  • The Human Resources Division determines staffing needs and recruits, assigns, trains, and transfers District staff as needed. The division also oversees union contract negotiation teams. Staff in this division will accept your job applications, answer questions regarding employment, schedule work-related testing, and assist with the interview process. 

    Human Resources Staff

    Julie Bennett
    Personnel Technician II
    (408) 423-2208 | jbennett@scusd.net

    Maribel Lopez
    Personnel Technician II
    (408) 423-2298 | malopez@scusd.net 

    Glynis Price
    Personnel Technician II-
    Substitute Coordinator
    (408) 423-2020 | gprice@scusd.net

    Ragina Russell
    Credential Analyst
    (408) 423-2013 | rrussell@scusd.net

    Diane Smith
    Personnel Technician II
    (408) 423-2164 | dlsmith@scusd.net 

    Jessica Howell
    Personnel Technician II
    (408) 423-2029 | jehowell@scusd.net  

    Monia Soares
    District Office Receptionist
    (408) 423-2201 | mosoares@scusd.net