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September is National School Attendance Awareness Month

September 2022

At the September 8 Board Meeting, SCUSD recognized September as Attendance Awareness Month by ratifying Resolution #22-40. SCUSD understands that regular school attendance is essential to student achievement and graduation. We are committed to continuing to dedicate resources and attention to promote positive engagement and attendance at school every day to reduce chronic absenteeism rates. Research indicates that student well-being and academic success are tied to regular school attendance. 

The Importance of School Attendance 

  • Regular attendance will benefit your child and ensure they make the most of their education.
  • Students who attend school regularly feel more connected to their community, develop social skills and become academically stronger 
  • Missing just two days of school a month can drastically affect a student’s academic success, but you can help change that!

Every family is a part of the team! Families can build a pattern of good attendance. 

Make Attendance a Priority

You can make attendance a priority by becoming familiar with your school’s attendance policy and:   

  • Establishing a morning, evening, and homework routine 
  • Avoiding any extended family trips or non-urgent medical appointments when school is in session  
  • Monitoring your child’s attendance via ParentSquare 

Families play a key role in preparing students for success in school. Below are some links to more information from to help build the habit of good attendance.

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