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Cabrillo Students Show Gratitude to Teachers

April 2021

Four Cabrillo Middle School teachers recently got a big surprise when the entire class presented them with a display of their gratitude. Students joined class with their cameras turned off and after announcing they had a surprise for the teacher, they all turned them on at the same time to reveal their posters with personalized messages for the teachers. Mr. Wilks, Ms. Gardner, Mr. Thompson, and Ms. Varveris were clearly touched by the kind gesture.

This wonderful surprise was all planned out by 6th grader Vishva (pictured below showing his poster for the reveal). After watching a BuzzFeed video about different ways to show gratitude, Vishva made up his mind to surprise his teachers and wanted to get his classmates involved. He took it upon himself to email his classmates with a plan to make sure no one got left out.

Vishva’s advice for anyone who wants to do something similar is, “Do not be scared to do something nice for others. Do not hold back on making someone else's day. Be grateful and appreciate everyone.”  

"He felt that students do not give enough credit to teachers (All teachers) who are trying to establish some form of normalcy during these trying times,” said Chitra, Vishva’s mom. Vishva told his teachers how lucky he feels to have them as his teachers. He feels that it’s important to make the teachers feel special because they are so patient and understanding and they go out of their way to find ways to make the students smile.

“It is an honor to be a Cabrillo family and to be a part of this amazing school district,” said Chitra.